About vG

My real name is Tim Federwitz. I am a husband of one and a father of five, and even became a grandfather! I started using VirtuallyGeeky around 2009 and have hosted a blog in various places. I started all of this because I started working at VMware and wanted a place to post stuff that interested me. After VMware, I went to work for Nutanix in 2013. I created an iPad application for Nutanix and had a bunch of work related posts, but I recently changed roles at Nutanix. I am sort of “rebooting” my blog to be less job-focused and not bring along the baggage of my old sites.

I became a manager in November 2019 and have been doing some real soul-searching since 2018 when my wife was dealing with triple-negative breast cancer. She is now in full remission and life is mostly back to “normal”… as much as that can happen after dealing with something like that.

Being someone that is always interested in learning new things and having an outlet for sharing those things, that’s what this blog will be about. There is no single topic that I will commit to, so buckle up for a hectic source of topics. Hopefully, you find something useful or interesting.

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