Free Time Management Course from "The Focus Course" during this pandemic

I have only talked briefly on this blog about how much I love the people and their training over at The Sweet Setup and The Focus Course, founded by Shawn Blanc. I just got an email this morning (because I’m a paying member) that they are offering their course, “A Focus On Time 2.0“, at no cost! It’s normally $247, so this is a pretty sweet deal. I have personally paid over $1,000 for their various trainings so far and have zero regrets… so an opportunity like this is pretty awesome!

It looks like they are running this promotion through the end of March, but I wouldn’t wait! No cost and no risk, what do you have to lose??

Click here to be taken to the promotion page where you can get the training. The promo code is on the page several times, but if case you miss it, it is “WFH“… as in, Work From Home.

I just signed up myself and this was the welcome letter I got:

Thank you for joining our flagship Time Management course.

This course has several lessons that are specifically relevant to work-from-home creative folks as well as full-time, stay-at-home parents. Which is why we are making this course available at no charge to help anyone who could use a re-alignment of their time management skills in context to the current state of things.

I am honored to have the opportunity to connect with you and help you become a little more focused and relaxed during your day.

I have been meaning to post something once a week and have failed the past 2 weeks. In that time I have been busy with work and life, so it has been a struggle to put in the time on writing for this blog. With that said, I have been putting in quite a bit of time and effort on a meaningful post that got much bigger than I originally expected, so I hope the wait is worth it. I contemplated splitting it into 2 separate parts to be able to get things out weekly, but that felt wrong to me, so I waited and finished it all. I should have it posted by Monday morning.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this strange time with this pandemic. I would guess that this will still get worse before it gets better, so make sure and prepare your psyche for what’s to come.

Peace and love to all!